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Voltage Surge Protection in Tampa, FL

Sometimes the electrical current in your home may undergo a surge or spike where the level of current briefly rises above the designated flow of electricity. In the U.S the designated electrical voltage for your home is 120 volts. When the electrical current rises above this set voltage a power surge occurs.

Power surges can easily fry your computer or other home appliances, rendering them useless in a moment. If you run a business that is contingent upon motor driven machines or computers these quick surges can be devastating.

Local Surge Protection

At Allstar Electrical Experts Inc, we are a full service electrical contractor specializing in surge protection for your home or business. We provide and install a wide range of surge protectors that range from smaller units for the home to super protective commercial surge protectors that may save your business.

We buy our surge protectors factory direct and are guaranteed to save your appliances should a power surge occur. Allstar Electrical Experts Inc is fully licensed and insured and offers competitive rates on our installation services.

Don't wait, get surge protection. Call Allstar Electrical Experts Inc today for a free estimate!